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This is a portfolio of art, and illustrations done by artist Janine Messenger

My name is Janine Messenger, I'm an  aspiring artist, illustrator, designer. I currently live in Erwin, TN. I was born in Tampa, FL. I grew up in both Tampa, and Ashville, NC. I've been drawing sense I was young. I've taken my style from nature, and some of the old masters of art. I started drawing mostly realistic animal drawings, when I was 9 from a book with wildlife drawings in it. As I got older I started adding, more abstract, and surrealist designs to my drawings. I also developed a scratch board type technique, to oil pastels. Then eventually developed a highly detailed design technique using markers. I've also created work with polymer clay as well. I hope to become a fulltime illustrator of Children's Books, and Adult  Coloring Books. Using my stylised techniques.

The top section is mostly examples of my wildlife inspired art. This is an oil pastel drawing I did. I used a combination of oil pastels, and alittle colored pencil. On black paper with alittle of my scratch board technique.

Here's some of the process of creating the mother fox. The background is the black paper. With one of the babies basically sketched out in white pastel.

This is an oil pastel drawing, of a Grizzly Bear Catching an Salmon. I got this image from Google. I wanted to capture the bear in the action of catching a fish. I also wanted to show the action of the water in relation to the bear, and fish. It was done using oil pastel on black paper. I also used alittle colored pencil, with the scratch board technique.

Here's an Elk Drawing, created using oil pastels, and alittle colored pencil, for detailing, on black paper. I found a picture of an Elk in a book. I added my own colors in the sky. My own trees, and lighting on the trees as well was the grass. I wanted to make the sky alittle impressionistic. With combinations of pink, purple, blues, blended with white, and highlights of yellow, around the elk.

This is another oil pastel drawing on black paper. I also used colored pencil, and my scratch board technique. Birds are one of my favorite animals to draw. If you notice I draw a lot of them. I've been drawing birds sense I was little. I also like identifying them, and bird watching.

This is an oil pastel on basic white mixed media paper. I got the image from a nature book. But I added a more Smokey impressionistic color to the sky. If you notice the yellow of the tree branches. I started out with the yellow color, then layered it with darker colored pastels. Then I scraped off some of the dark, revealing yellow, and alittle dark around the edges of branch. Using a clay sculpting tool. I ended up selling 2 of these. I had to make a simular one for some else. After selling the original.

This is one of my older wildlife pieces of an otter. Sorry image is so bad, I don't have this piece anymore, and I took this pic on an old cell phone. I did this one with oil pastels on mixed media paper. I used a combination of oil pastels, colored pencil, and my scratch board technique to create the fur to make it look wet.

I did a different technique with this one. I started the drawing with sharpies. Then I added the oil pastels to the top.

Here's a drawing of a sea turtle. I did it using sharpies. I wished I would have gotten the background lighter though. I'll show you some of the progression of this drawing. I liked it before I added the Dark background.

Now let's go into my pop culture, fan art, characters, and drawings inspired by things I was into as a child, and still am. This is my favorite out of them. This is a first in a series I've wanted to do with creators, with there creations. I guess I always dream of creating a legacy myself. This is Jim Henson surrounded by the Muppets. I started this one with colored pencil, sharpies and alittle oil pastel highlights. I hope in the future to create, Mister Rogers in the neighborhood of makebelieve. Stan Lee, and The Marvel Super Heroes. Another one of Disney, among others.

Some of the process of drawing Jim Henson With The Muppets.

Here one I did of Walt Disney, with creation of Mickey Mouse. There's also a cameo of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. I did it using mostly white, and gray oil pastels, on black paper. I scratched into the pastel layers,to create the black drawings. I wanted to make it look like a vintage black, and white cartoon.

Here's a drawing I did of Gizmo, on oil pastels on black paper. He's part of a series of 80's characters I've done.

Here's a Gremlin, to go along with Gizmo. I layered the black paper with different shades of green. Then I scratch into him with carving to create the scales of his skin.

Here's another Jim Henson drawing. It's of The Dark Crystal. It's oil pastels on mixed media paper. Did some of the detailing with colored pencil.

Here's one of my favorite movies as a child. I think it still is. It Falcor from Neverending Story. Oil Pastel on black paper, with my scratch board technique. I liked to day dream when I was in school, or in a place I didn't want to be that, Falcor would come flying out of the clouds to rescue me.

I have 2 drawings from another one of my favorite movies. It's the Goblins From Labyrinth. This is oil pastel, on cardstock paper.

Ludo from Labyrinth, one of my favorite characters. I think I wanted Ludo to be my friend as a kid.

Here's a drawing done in what they call a stylized illustration. It's my version of The Wizard Of OZ. I used sharpie markers to create this one.

Here's the Cowardly Lion, before I drew the rest of the characters.

Because of Disney Copyright Laws. I can't do much with it. This is another stylized illustration. This one is my version of Disney's Alice In Wonderland. It depicts her dreaming everything, she thinks.

After finishing Alice And Wonderland. I was asked to draw Snow White for someone.

Up close view of Grumpy.

Heres a couple of Christmas drawings. The Grinch, oil pastel on sandpaper pastel board.

Heres another one I did at Christmas awhile back. It was also done on pastel board. A company gave me the boards to try out. If you notice I draw with what I can get A hold of. I can't afford very much. I think that too has affected my style.

Here's one I did of Jack Skellington, and Sally. It was done on black cardstock paper. I had originally covered it in mostly white. Then I scraped off the white around Jack, and Sally. I wanted to give it a vintage photograph look.

Here's another Tim Burton inspired oil pastel drawing. The Corpse Bride

Here's an Stylized mixed media drawing. I used an image from a vintage children's book The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. I wanted to give it the look of an old etching.

Here's some drawing I did for an Halloween series. I stated doing the universal classic monsters. Here's Frankenstein Monster. Oil Pastel on black paper.

This is how I drew him out at first. That way I know where to place everything.

Here's The Bride Of Frankenstein. This is one of my favorite character drawings.

This is some of the process of the drawing. I covered the black paper in layers of white, and gray oil pastels. The drawing I drew into the pastels with the carving tool.

I Love The Haunted Mansion at Disney. Of course growing up I new The WDW version. I didn't know the legend of The Hatbox Ghost. From the original at Disneyland. So I decided to drawing him at Halloween one year.

I've seen a lot of artists drawing Horror movie characters on social media. So I drew Freddy Krueger. I like creating the fleshy look of his skin.

I also tried drawing the new Pennywise.

Here's the section for my abstracts. Starting with my marker doodle drawings. This one is called Crazy Butterfly.

This one is called Eagle Eye. I started creating these because I was bored. So I bought some sharpie, then started going crazy with designs.

Parrot Jungle, I think I like to make the other parrots part of the jungle.

This one of my first sharpie doodles.

Here's the process of one of my lost doodles. I wasn't able to finish it. It would have been good though.

Lions Pride

This One Is Called the Vain Peacock

Here's another peacock. I like to create animals with there reflections under. Which end up being different the animal itself. Someone told me they thought it represented death. It's up to your interpretation.

Here's some of my black and white doodles. With these drawings I like to keep the viewers eyes busy.

Find all the cats in this one.

Find all the dogs in this one.

This section is for my larger oil pastel art. I used my scratch board Technique to do them. This one is called Jungle Beauty. I no longer have these pieces. These are the pieces of art that have been noticed by some world renowned artists.

This one is called Birth O A City.

Pandora Box

Bear Mountain

The Twins

The Dove

This section I have some samples of my illustrations.

I drew this guy, I started thinking of a crow as the farmer. With him falling asleep, and leaning against a scarecrow. This drawing one a contest on Instagram with pentallic, for the month of October.

This is a sketch I did for Halloween. It's of cats playing in a pumpkin patch.

Another pen sketch of a scarecrow.

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